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   WSMX: What is it?

WSMX (Web Service Modelling eXecution environment) is the reference implementation of WSMO (Web Service Modelling Ontology). It is an execution environment for business application integration where enhanced web services are integrated for various business applications. The aim is to increase business processes automation in a very flexible manner while providing scalable integration solutions.

WSMX internal language is WSML (Web Service Modelling Language). WSMX is a references implementation for WSMO. WSMX environment is mainly developed by DERI Galway and STI Innsbruck.

   Why WSMX is open Source?

WSMX is developed in an open and participatory open source environment. The open source philosophy has been set from the very beginning, in order to allow a world-wide community-style development, to provide everybody access for development and personal usage to an execution environment for the semantic web. It can be found at SourceForge.

   How WSMX started?

WSMX started being driven by the need to have a semantic execution environment capable to consume semantic messages, discover semantically described web services, invoke and compose them for the end-user benefit. On the way, many components have been added, to provide support for the main scope of the execution environment.

Another reason to build such an execution environment was the need to have a functional service open architecture prototype, able to encapsulate new components with new functionalities. Components reusability was another key feature aimed by WSMX, as reusability and generic functionality are core concepts that guide WSMX development.

   Where is WSMX being used?

There are number of EU where WSMX is used and developed including: SUPER SWING SemanticGov TripCom. Previous projects where WSMX has been actively developed include: DIP Knowledge Web. WSMX is also a reference architecture of OASIS Semantic Execution Environment (SEE) Technical Committee

   WSMX status and new directions


WSMX Releases
There are number of changes introduced in the component's functionalities and supported use-cases. Mapping-based Data Mediation has been integrated and thoroughly tested. Lightweight and Heavyweight Rule-based Discovery Engines has been added. SWS-Challenge discovery with composition use-case has been addressed. SWING and SUPER use-cases has been implemented. Existing SWS-Challenge mediation scenario has been extended with rule-based Data Mediation component.

   WSMX Integration API

The WSMX Integration API is a collection of libraries required for the integration of loosely coupled components with the main WSMX system. Components must implement interfaces from the provided infomodel to make this integration possible.

This software is made available under the LGPL.

   WSMX Core

Web Services Execution Environment (WSMX) is a sample implementation of the Web Services Modelling Ontology (WSMO). WSMX Core is a release of the compiled core of WSMX, along with a set of mock up components that implement the different interfaces in the WSMX Integration API.

This software is made available under the LGPL.

   WSMX Components

Web Services Execution Environment (WSMX) is a sample implementation of the Web Services Modelling Ontology (WSMO). WSMX Components is a release of the compiled versions of the current components available for WSMX. The components can be plugged into the WSMX Core.

This software is made available under the LGPL.

   WSMX Runtime Data Mediator

The WSMX Runtime Data Mediator is a component from the WSMX system that has been made available as a standalone web service for Runtime Data Mediation. Users can register ontologies and the mappings between them with the Web Service and use the Web Service to perform Instance Transformation between instances of the source ontology and instances of the target ontology.

This software is made available under the LGPL.

   Web Services Modeling Toolkit (WSMT)

The Web Services Modeling Toolkit (WSMT) is a lightweight framework for the rapid creation and deployment of the tools for Semantic Web Services. The aim of the WSMT is to reduce the
overhead of application creation for would-be tool creators and to centralize existing tools within the one application.

This software is made available both under GPL and LGPL.

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