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Active Members / Inactive or former Members

    Chair of the working group:

  1. Michal Zaremba (STI Innsbruck)

    Members of the working group:

  2. Mihai Andrei (DERI Galway)
  3. Emilia Cimpian (STI Innsbruck)
  4. Thomas Haselwanter (STI Innsbruck)
  5. Mick Kerrigan (STI Innsbruck)
  6. Jacek Kopecky (STI Innsbruck)
  7. Holger Lausen (STI Innsbruck)
  8. Adrian Mocan (STI Innsbruck)
  9. Brahmananda Sapkota (DERI Galway)
  10. James Scicluna (STI Innsbruck)
  11. Ioan Toma (STI Innsbruck)
  12. Laurentiu Vasiliu (DERI Galway)
  13. Tomas Vitvar (STI Innsbruck)
  14. Raluca Zaharia (DERI Galway)
  15. Maciej Zaremba (DERI Galway)
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