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  Who we are
WSMX working group started as an initiative of DERI Galway researchers in 2004. Currently the group has around 15 members from various organizations.

WSMX working group consists of people from the following organizations:

deri The mission of Digital Research Institute is to exploit semantics for people, organizations, and systems to collaborate and interoperate on a global scale. Most of the WSMX Working Group members are DERI or STI2 researchers.
STI Innsbruck Mission of STI2 is to exploit Semantics to overcome the societal, economical and technological challenges and limitations of current means of communication and collaboration by providing the scientific foundations, technological frameworks, and real-world applications necessary to make Semantics an integral and transparent building block of information systems.
ou The Open University (OU) is the world leader in distance teaching and the largest university in the UK. It is also well known as the UK's most innovative and high-impact concept in higher education.
Ontotext Ontotext is a knowledge and language engineering lab of Sirma; it is focused on research and core technology development for knowledge discovery, management, and engineering, targeted to applications in Semantic Web and Web Services.
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